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This trip was a good day with good company and abidingly decent weather, involving only a couple of hours worth of semi-aimless wandering through residential areas. The end of the day also had the crowning achievement of the closest I have come to missing public transit without actually missing it, all for the sake of, what was in fact delicious, ice cream. Continue reading

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Dachau is a hard place to visit. I am aware that seems obvious, but it still bears saying. I didn’t make things easier on myself, because I chose to walk from the bahnhof to the Camp via the Memorial Walk, however I made a right hand turn instead of crossing the street to make the right hand turn and missed the left hand turnoff the Walk intended. This meant I followed the signs intended for cars instead of the footpath intended for people. It was an increasingly hot day and I remain baffled that I did not see a single ice cream place along the way. There were a couple of bonuses for this altered route, including two memorials I would not have seen otherwise. Continue reading

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So I might have failed to realize I hadn’t finished posting photos. My bad.

There’s distinct experiences I remember about these trips. Hot sun. One of the nastiest bathrooms I’ve ever encountered. Going downhill in hopes of not having to go uphill after; failed, by the way. Irritating children. Cold stone inside. I haven’t figured out how to divorce the sensory from the me. That is why I turn more to photos and not words.

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Schwangau means Swan Stone. There was a lot of history at this location and a lot of tourism, not hurt by the fact that it was a Friday. Be purchased the three part ticket which allowed us to go into Neuschwanstein, the inspiration for the Disney castle (and inspired by Wartburg Castle which I have also since visited); Hohenschwangau, the older castle, and the museum of Bavarian Kings. Each castle was limited by a guided tour and we were not allowed to take photos inside, though some things were worth sneaking a snap of anyway. The museum was very informative and made the three part ticket worth it. Inside Hohenschwangau in a glass case is a loaf of bread and a cup of salt, gifts from Russian diplomats to Prince Regent Luitpold for his either 80th or 90th birthday. The loaf is original, they only change the salt when it gets soggy. Anyone hungry? Continue reading

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Dear Memory – Begins a Bavarian Excursion 1.4.14


Dear Memory

Already you are crisping at the edges and dull in the lines, so I will do my best to salvage what can be. April first began with a skulking sense, sneaking out without telling or rousing anyone. In classic fashion I packed at the edge of the night. The day threatened rain and the mist stuck to everything, though not as dense and mysterious as that early morning arrival in Göttingen. I slept and read, but when I did look out, even as late as 11:30 there was mist on the hills and fields, diluting the sun. Continue reading